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C Programming Language Tutorial

C language tutorial with programming approach for beginners and experts, helps you to understand the C language tutorial easily. Each topic in our C tutorial is explained with a programme.

Dennis Ritchie made the C language so that system applications, such as drivers, kernels, and so on, could interact directly with hardware.

C programming is called the “mother language” because it is the basis for all other programming languages.

Here are some ways to describe it:

  • Mother language
  • System programming language
  • Structured programming
  • Programming language
  • language for the middle level

1) C as a mother language

C language is thought of as the mother language of all modern programming languages because most compilers, JVMs, Kernels, etc. are written in C language and most programming languages, like C++, Java, C#, etc., follow the syntax of C language.

It teaches the basic ideas that are used in many languages, such as C++, Java, C#, etc., like arrays, strings, functions, handling files, etc.

2) C as a language for writing code for systems

System software is written in a language called a system programming language. C is a low-level programming language, which makes it a system programming language (for example driver and kernel). It is often used to make hardware devices, operating systems, drivers, kernels, and other things. C is used to write things like the Linux kernel.

It can’t be used to write code for the internet, like Java,.Net, PHP, etc.

3) C as a procedural language

People also call a procedure a function, method, routine, subroutine, etc. A procedural language tells the programme how to solve a problem by giving it a list of steps to follow.

A programme written in a procedural language is broken up into functions, data structures, etc.

C is a programming language. Before they can be used, variables and function prototypes must be declared in C.

4) C is a structured language for writing code

A subset of the procedural language is the structured language. Structure means to break a programme into parts or blocks so that it is easy to understand.

Using functions, we divide a C programme into smaller pieces. It makes it easier to understand and change the programme.

5) C is a middle-level language for programming

C is a middle-level language because it can do things that both low-level and high-level languages can do. A C language programme is turned into assembly code. It can do low-level pointer math, but it can run on any machine (a feature of high-level).

Low-level languages can only be used on one machine. This means that they are machine dependent. It needs a machine and runs quickly. But it’s hard to figure out.

Machine independent means that a High-Level language is not tied to a single machine. It’s easy to figure out.

C Program

All of the C programmes in this tutorial come with a C compiler, which makes it easy to change the C programme code.

File: example.c

#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
printf(“coderazaa C Programming Example\n”);
return 0;

In the next chapters, we’ll learn more about the above programme.

C Prerequisite

Before you can learn C programming, you need to know the basics of computers.


Our tutorial on C programming is made to help both newbies and experts.


We promise that this C Language Tutorial doesn’t have any mistakes. But if you find a mistake, please tell us about it through the contact form.

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