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PHP Namespaces

Namespaces are qualifiers that help solve two different problems:

They help keep things more organized by putting together classes that work together to do a task.
They let more than one class share the same name.

For example, you might have a set of classes that describe an Test table, like Table, Row, and Cell, and another set of classes that describe furniture, like Table, Chair, and Bed. Namespaces can be used to separate the classes into two groups and keep the Table and Table classes from getting mixed up.


Declaring  a Namespace


The namespace keyword is used to declare a namespace at the beginning of a file.


Declare a namespace called Test:
namespace Test;

Note: The first thing in a PHP file must be a namespace declaration. The following code is not correct:


echo “Welcome to Coderazaa!”;
namespace Test;



namespace Test;
class One {
public $a = “”;
public $rows= 0;
public function message() {
echo “<p>Database ‘{$this->a}’ has {$this->rows} tables.</p>”;
$data = new One();
$data->a = “My DB”;
$data->rows= 11;

<!DOCTYPE html>




Database ‘My DB’ has 11 tables.

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