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HTML tutorial or HTML 5 tutorial teaches both the basics of HTML and more advanced ideas. Our HTML tutorial is made for both newbies and experts. Every topic in our tutorial is explained step by step so that you can learn it easily. If you are just starting to learn HTML, you can learn it from the very beginning to a professional level. Once you know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you will be able to make your own interactive and dynamic website. But now, this tutorial will only be about HTML.

Here are the most important parts of HTML:

HyperText Markup Language is what HTML stands for.
HTML is the language used to make web pages and web apps.
HTML is a language that is used a lot on the web.
We can only use HTML to make a static website.
HTML is not a programming language. Instead, it is a Markup language.

Example of HTML with an HTML Editor

This tutorial will give you a lot of examples of HTML, with at least one example and an explanation for each topic. You can also use our online HTML editor to make changes and run these examples. HTML is fun to learn and easy to understand.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Page Title</title>

<h1>coderazaa Html Heading</h1>
<p>This is a paragraph.</p>


Index of HTML


HTML Tutorial

  • Introduction to HTML
  • What is HTML
  • HTML tags
  • HTML Formatting
  • HTML Heading
  • HTML Paragraph
  • HTML Anchor
  • HTML Image
  • HTML Table
  • HTML Lists
  • HTML Ordered List
  • HTML Unordered List
  • HTML Description List
  • HTML Form
  • HTML Classes
  • HTML Id
  • HTML Iframes
  • HTML JavaScript
  • HTML File Path
  • HTML Head
  • HTML Layout
  • HTML Responsive
  • HTML Computercode
  • HTML Entities
  • HTML Symbols
  • HTML Charset
  • HTML URL Encode


  • HTML Marquee
  • HTML Textarea
  • HTML Quotes
  • HTML Style
  • HTML Title
  • HTML Div Tag
  • HTML Pre Tag
  • HTML Code Tag
  • HTML Label Tag
  • HTML Input Tag
  • HTML Button Tag
  • HTML HR Tag
  • HTML BR Tag
  • HTML Script Tag
  • HTML NoScript Tag
  • HTML b Tag

HTML5 Tutorial

  • HTML5 tutorial
  • HTML5 User Manual
  • HTML 5 Tags
  • HTML Audio
  • HTML Video
  • HTML Progress
  • HTML Meter
  • HTML Data Tag
  • HTML Datalist Tag
  • HTML Header Tag
  • HTML Footer Tag
  • HTML Figure Tag
  • HTML Figcaption Tag
  • HTML Article Tag
  • HTML Aside Tag
  • HTML Dialog Tag
  • HTML Details Tag
  • HTML Summary Tag
  • HTML Section Tag
  • HTML Time Tag
  • HTML Main Tag
  • HTML Wbr Tag
  • HTML Canvas
  • HTML Drag & Drop
  • HTML Google Maps
  • HTML5 Semantics
  • HTML5 Migration

HTML Color Names

  •  HTML Color Names

Interview Questions


HTML 5 Tags

In this tutorial, we will learn about HTML 5 tags like audio tag, video tag, canvas tag, HTML svg, HTML geolocation, HTML drag and drop, etc.

All HTML Tags

At last, we’ll learn all the HTML tags one by one, such as the marquee tag, textarea tag, br tag, hr tag, pre tag, h tag, code tag, input tag, title tag, meta tag, script tag, style tag, etc.


Before you can learn HTML, you need to know the basics of computers.


Our HTML tutorial is made to help both newcomers and experts.


We promise that you won’t have any trouble with HTML tutorial. But you can let us know if you find a problem or mistake in our HTML tutorial.

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