HTML Comments

HTML Comment Tag

HTML comments are not shown in the browser, but they can help you document your HTML source code.

  • You can add notifications and reminders to your HTML code with comments.
  • Comments can be used to hide content.
  • This can help if you want to hide content for a short time.
  • More than one line can also be hidden. Everything between the!— and the –> won’t show up on the screen.
  • You can hide parts of the HTML code by using comments.
  • Comments are also great for debugging HTML, since you can turn off one line of HTML code at a time to look for mistakes.

You can use the following syntax to add comments to your HTML source:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<p>your text here .</p>
comment html code

<p>Look at this cool image:</p>
<img border=”0″ src=”pic_trulli.jpg” alt=”Trulli”>

<p>This is a inline <!–comment–> example.</p>

<!–HTML Comment Tag–>


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